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Design home of Abdo lines combines a teamwork of engineers, artists under direct supervision of Eng./ Mohamed Abdo whom devoted themselves to design and execute several and different models of cladding panels, plants shaping forms, walls and ceilings trims, to combine different artistic classical and modernized styles to meet all magnificent and delicate tastes and to fulfill our distinguishable customers’ orders.

It combines teamwork of trained technicians for manufacturing moldings and models of silicon and rubber materials professionally in high quality to maintain accurate ratio and decorations dimensions in harmonized mode.

It combines a teamwork of carpenters and professional technicians under the supervision of specialized engineers for manufacturing cells of natural wood and panels to be placed on wooden boars together with manufacturing steel-substructures and frames to produce classic panels, which in turn transferred to polyester molding division.

Polyester molding division of Abdo lines factory combines a teamwork of trained employees under chemical supervision of specialists overseeing mixing and pouring fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) professionally and accurately in molding shaping forms to produce distinguishable classic decorations for Abdo lines factory and company.

Design Home
Wall and ceiling panels, classic decoration factory
consists of several of operational divisions as follows
Manufacturing moldings forms and patterns division of Abdo lines factory
Carpentry, cells production, panels manufacturing division of Abdo lines factory
Molding and fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) production division of Abdo lines factory
Installations and decorations “trims” fixation division of Abdo lines factory
Abdo lines company acted on training a teamwork of technicians under technical and engineering supervision to combine and install fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) by wooden cells then fixing them on wooden boards to complete walls and ceilings panels production accurately and in high quality.

Is made up of experts in products quality to follow up production lines of Abdo lines factory and accomplishing its phases perfectly for delicate and magnificent production in line with customer distinguishable taste.

It combines a teamwork of trained professionals on painting and finishing such product produced by Abdo lines factory and company then gilding it according to decorative customer whishing and requirement.

A teamwork of professional artists in classic oil painting and photography areas work for Abdo lines company accomplishing operational and combination process of plants shaping forms, panels, with oil highlighted paintings panels making our products of panels, walls and ceiling claddings to look as if it were in traditional touch imitating royal palaces in different ages.

Installing and finishing up of Abdo lines distinguishable products of panels, walls, ceilings classic decorations is in need to qualified technicities, that what the company provide it, to accomplish its operational and installing process in site in an unprecedentedly accurate and professional manner to be satisfied with Abdo lines as a specialized company in classic decorations and our distinguishable customer to be fulfilled with our luxurious products..

OUR Clients

Our Clients